Flipped Classroom [eng]

Presentation (december 2015 - international students)

Basic model

Flipped Classroom - simple model eng.


Video: Anything that can record, edit or distribute video.
Formative assessment: Any system that you can ask and receive answers - preferably digital.

Formative assessment


  • Screencast-o-matic (screenrecording and webcam) - watch tutorial
  • Webcam
  • Smartphone
  • Animationrecording (eg. GoAnimate)
  • Explain Everything (iPad)


  • iMovie for iPad og MacBook
  • MovieMaker for Windows


6 stage model for Flipped Classroom

At the Institute for School and Learning, Metropol, we have a group of researchers who have been working for some time trying to find out what effects flipped classroom has as a didactic model. We have been using our own more specific model of flipped classroom as an intervention on teachers and classes across the country.

Model explanation

Learning objectives
After you have seen this video, you understand that:
  • the model is our version of Flipped Classroom.
  • that "Home" and "School" are split in to 2 stages each.
  • that you need to consider the teacher role, ande the student role into each stage

YouTube Video

Template for planning 6 stage model

Download and fill out the Template - planning flipped classroom.

Remember when you plan your lesson

Consider the role of the teacher and the student in to each of the four stages under "home" and "school".
Make your own sketch like the template shown below, altanative copy it from the "6 stage model template for planning" on Google Drive.